Case Study: Anxious Dogs

Lestre takes on the case of a dog with separation anxiety from its owner and dishes out quick tips on training dogs to let go, stay calm and learn to how to wait.

Case Study: Aggressive Dogs

A case study on dogs that can’t seem to get along. What brings this on? How to stop it and prevent fights from escalating.

Woofcam Tips: Dog Grooming

Learn how to groom your dog properly (from nail clipping to trimming fur) and get fast facts, DIY hacks and trivia on dog grooming 101.

Case Study: Freak Out Dogs

Pinoy Dog Whisperer Lestre Zapanta takes on a case study of dogs that freak out when being groomed while giving out helpful tips on how to handle their dog spa tantrums.

Case Study: Noisy Dogs

How do you manage dogs that can’t seem to stop barking? What are they trying to communicate with us? Lestre gives us the basics on how to help calm your noisy dogs.

Case Study: Rescued Dogs

Lestre takes on a special case of a rescued and traumatized dog, while helping its dog owner address her pet’s trauma and easing it into her home.

Case Study: Snappy Dogs

Lestre Zapanta helps out a dog owner who has an excitable dog that suddenly bites both familiar and unfamiliar people around him.

Woofcam Hack: DIY Anti-Chewing Spray

If your dog can’t stop chewing on your stuff at home, then we’ve got the easy, homemade anti-chewing solution just for you.

Woofcam Hack: DIY Tick and Flea Repellant

Get rid of you and your dog’s worst enemies, with Lester’s tick and flea repellant!

Woofcam Hack: Dog Bite First Aid

What do you do when you get bitten by a dog? Get to know the important first steps in treating a dog bite.

Woofcam Hack: Frozen Dog Treat

This summer, spoil your beloved canine with a homemade treat that’s sure to make them feel extra special!

Woofcam Trick: Bite Control

It’s important to control your dog’s bite instincts to make sure that you, your family as well as other dogs avoid getting injuries. Here’s a neat trick on how you can keep your dog’s biting under control.

Woofcam Trick: Drop It and Leave It

Dogs tend to chew on anything – from socks to slippers, to whatever they can get their teeth on. Teach your pets how to drop and leave the small objects they keep chewing on to avoid further damage.

Woofcam Trick: Heel Command

Did you know that there’s a proper way to walk your dog? Learn how to control your pet while walking, as Lester Zapanta teaches us how to use the heel command.

Woofcam Fact: Connecting with Your Dog

How can you make that special connection with your favourite canine? Lester Zapanta tells us how.

Woofcam Fact: Dog Bite Truths

Learn about the facts and what to look out for when it comes to dog bites.

Woofcam Fact: Sled Dogs

What makes the sled dog so special? Lester Zapanta gives us the deets on these hardworking dogs!

Woofcam Fact: Why Dogs Love Bones

Why can’t dogs get enough of bones? Pinoy dog whisperer Lester Zapanta talks about the evolution of a dog’s diet.

Woofcam Hack: DIY Treat Dispenser

An active dog is a happy dog. Check out this DIY treat dispenser that doesn’t only shoo boredom away but also rewards treats to your beloved pet.

Woofcam Fact: Barkless Dog

Ever heard of a dog that can’t bark? What do they do instead? Lester Zapanta tells us about the barkless dog.

Woofcam Trick: Bark on Command

Can’t get your dog to stop barking? Lester Zapanta talks about how to get your dog to bark on command.

Woofcam Woofcam Trick: Bark on Command

Can’t get your dog to stop barking? Lester Zapanta talks about how to get your dog to bark on command.