Hot Hacks

Hot Hacks


Hot Hacks

Hot Hangover Cures

Get ready to fight that headache with hangover cure maestro Sky’s tips!

Hot Hacks

Hot Dips for Your Chips

Let our chips enthusiast Benjamin up your party snack game with these hot hacks for party dips!

Hot Hacks

Hot Ways to Clean Your Car

Rommel is the Mr. Clean to your car, as he teaches you how to keep your ride nice and tidy.

Hot Hacks

How to Mix Hot Party Drinks

Mixing drinks for a party? These hacks from our hot mixologist Benjamin are sure to make it easy.

Hot Hacks

Jumpstarting Your Car – The Hot Way

Dead car battery? Don’t worry! Our jumpstart expert Amadeo will bring life back to your car with these hot hacks!

Hot Hacks

The Hot Way to Change Your Flat Tire

Flat tire problem? Our expert handyman John is here to the rescue!

Hot Hacks

Hot Tips to Save Room Space

So much stuff, but so little space? Learn how to maximize your room and closet space with these hot hacks from Ali.

Hot Hacks

Hot Tips for Checking Car Fluids

Ready to become a responsible car owner? John Spainhour has got the tips on how to check the five most common car fluids.

Hot Hacks

Hot Ways to Pack for Trips

Learn how to save space, protect your belongings and pack light with Eduardo’s nifty packing tips for trips.

Hot Hacks

Hot Gadget Care Tips

Not only are gadgets fragile, but also expensive to replace. Extend the life of your electronics and accessories by keeping them neat and protected with Benny’s hot gadget care hacks!

Hot Hacks

Doing the Laundry – The Hot Way

From getting rid of sweat, ink, and wine stains to making a sneaker cleaner for your old shoes, Bruno’s got the hacks just for you!

Hot Hacks

Snack Hacks

Mark Neumann shows us how to make some snacks that are perfect for your summer afternoons!

Hot Hacks

Beating the Tropical Heat

Mark McMahon gives us some hot tips on how to beat the summer heat.

Hot Hacks

Fun Outdoor Hacks

Mark Neumann shows us some cool tips you can do for some outdoor fun!


Sabagay Life Pa Rin

Episode #1 | Jackie is Back (Again) | Sabagay Life Pa Rin

After a year of soul-searching, Jackie is back again — for good. Buo na uli ang barkada, pero naka-move on na ba talaga si Jackie and Jinno sa isa’t isa?

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 1 | Worst Ways to Resign | Office Dramalala S2

The Pixelz Inc. gang is back! Pero ang chismis, may magre-resign. Sino kaya ito?!

Forever Sucks S3

Episode 1: Forever at Last

One month after the Harker and Helsing Christmas party, Kiko and Izabel are now dating.