Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves


Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | Best Dance Moments

If you’re stuck in an awkward situation, just dance it off!

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | Table Flip Dance Battle feat. Upeepz, Laura Lehmann and Von Pessumal

Two groups. One table available. Who’s going to win this epic dance battle?

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | Upeepz: Makings of a Champion

World Hip Hop 2016 champions’ Upeepz share their winning formula.

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | OT Party feat. The Crew and Jun Sabayton

Kung pinag-forced OT ka na naman ng nakakairita mong boss, ito ang recommended stress reliever namin para sa’yo!

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | First Day Twerk feat. Dasuri Choi, Empoy and The Crew

It’s Dasuri’s first day sa work as an Art Director and pinagaagawan siya kaagad ng boys and gals! Kaninong group kaya siya makiki-lunch?

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | The Crew: Best of the Best

One of the University of the Philippines’ homegrown dance teams spills what makes them stand out from the rest.

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | Hip Hoops feat. LSDC, Beau Belga and Chris Newsome

How do you cheer up a boy bud that just got his heart broken? Isayaw niyo nalang!

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | Insta-moves feat. Gio Gahol, Bea Benedicto and LSDC

Masyadong obsessed sa phone yung girlfriend mo? Find something groovy to be busy with!

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | LSDC: Changing the Game

DLSU’s very own LSDC talks about upping the standards of Philippine street dance.

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | Exes feat. Ramon Bautista, Claire Hartell and UPeepz

Anong gagawin mo kapag nakita mo yung ex-boyfriend mo after several months?!

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | Insta-moves feat. Gio Gahol and LSDC in 360

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves | Hip Hoops feat. LSDC in 360

The talented boys from LSDC Street showcase a ballin’ dance routine – in 360!


Sabagay Life Pa Rin

Episode #1 | Jackie is Back (Again) | Sabagay Life Pa Rin

After a year of soul-searching, Jackie is back again — for good. Buo na uli ang barkada, pero naka-move on na ba talaga si Jackie and Jinno sa isa’t isa?

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 1 | Worst Ways to Resign | Office Dramalala S2

The Pixelz Inc. gang is back! Pero ang chismis, may magre-resign. Sino kaya ito?!

Forever Sucks S3

Episode 1: Forever at Last

One month after the Harker and Helsing Christmas party, Kiko and Izabel are now dating.