Forever Sucks

Follow the ups, downs, and in-betweens of Izabel, a 170-year-old vampire who tries to fit in and discover for herself what FOREVER really means.


Forever Sucks S3

Forever Sucks S3 : Trailer

Izabel and the gang are back! Prepare for more kilig-filled episodes of #Kizabel, and meet the new vampire crew and a surprising new character that may cause a bit of a threat to our beloved vampire-human lovers.

Forever Sucks S3

What’s in My Bag

FEATURED CAST: Sari Estrada | Take a quick look at the quirky stuff Phyllis has inside her bag in this Wonderful World of Phyllis webisode.

Forever Sucks S3

Future Plans

FEATURED CAST: Gio Gahol and Gab Pangilinan | With Pol’s announcement for him and Nancy Jane to settle down, the couple talks about their future plans once they move in together.

Forever Sucks S3

Los Vampiros

FEATURED CAST: Amara Ui, Albie Casino and Cedrick Juan | It’s going to be one grand reunion as Izabel’s vampire friends — Dia, Zach and Armando have prepared a little surprise on the eve of her 171st birthday.

Forever Sucks S3

How To Be A Sleeping Ninja: A Complete Guide to Sleeping at Work

FEATURED CAST: Gio Gahol, Gab Pangilinan, Felix Roco, Sari Estrada, Malak So | Check out the sneaky sleeping habits of #TeamHarker while at work, documented by Phyllis in this crazy Wonderful World of Phyllis webisode.

Forever Sucks S3

Road to the Grand Proposal

FEATURED CAST: Gio Gahol and Felix Roco | Kiko finally decides to ask Izabel’s hand in marriage. But first, he confides his plans with Pol and asks for advice on how to make the proposal happen.

Forever Sucks S3

Top 10 Forever Sabaw Moments

Your favourite Forever Sucks 3 gang has worked so hard to make this season the best one yet!

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