Forever Sucks S2
Will Izabel get a second chance at true love?

Just when Izabel thought she’s finally gotten over her heartbreak, a new mysterious officemate charms his way into the 170-year-old vampire’s heart.


Forever Sucks S2

Episode 1: Forever Still Sucks

Maraming changes sa Harker and Helsing at sa buhay ni Izabel. From a new boss and meeting the new guy at the office, it looks like another cycle of forever sucks is about to unfold for our beloved vampire.

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 2: Bad Blood?

Nahihirapan na nga makaget-over si Izabel sa break-up, may nakakaasar pa siyang officemate na sumisira sa mood niya. Paano siya mag-aadjust sa trainee na si Kiko?

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 3: Hunger Pains

May office blood drive sa Harker and Helsing. Ano kayang mangyayari kay Izabel? Matatago ba nya ang pagka-vampire nya?

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 4: The Vampire Hunter

Hindi tumatalab ang memory wipe ni Izabel kay Kiko! Is he a vampire hunter out to get her?

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 5: The Party Crasher

Minsan na nga lang magpa-house party si Izabel sa officemates nya, may dumating pang unexpected visitor from her vampire past. Ano na naman kayang problema ang dala nito?

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 6: Third Wheel

Bumabakod si Parallax sa friends ni Izabel. Magwo-work ba ang vampire moves nito?

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 7: First “Date”

Izabel and Kiko sneak out of the office to escape Parallax and go out on a friendly date. Ano kayang mangyayari sa date nilang dalawa?

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 8: True Feelings

After discovering Kiko’s past relationship with another vampire, torn na naman si Izabel sa future nilang dalawa. Meanwhile, Parallax finds another way to get Izabel’s attention by putting one of her friends in danger.

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 9: Last Chance

Bukod sa makulit na vampire suitor, naguguluhan rin si Izabel sa nararamdaman nya para kay Kiko.

Forever Sucks S2

Episode 10: My Forever

Izabel has made her decision, but will she have the heart to push through with it?


Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: Liwanag (Kai Honasan)

A romantic ballad by singer-songwriter Kai Honasan.

Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: You Are Coralline (The Royal)

One of this season’s favorites and iconic season ender.

Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: Porta (Mayonnaise)

Local Filipino band Mayonnaise brings us this awesome song to highlight the friendships formed in Forever Sucks Season 2.

Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: I Should’ve Left (Kai Honasan)

This melancholic track highlights this season’s heartbreaking past and uncertain future.

Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: High School Crush (Niki Colet)

So much of “kilig feels” with this track from acoustic musician Niki Colet.

Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: Would You Rather with Mayonnaise

Awat muna sa kanta at humataw sa tawa. A major laughtrip session with OPM band Mayonnaise.

Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: Crush or Brush Off with Niki Colet

From office relationships, high school crushes to dating vampires, singer-songwriter Niki Colet shares her take on relationships in a fun, revealing game.

Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: The Royal Top Picks

Get to know more about The Royal as they reveal their top picks and why they’re into 80s hits.

Forever Sucks S2

S2 Soundtrack: 5-Word Songwriting Challenge with Kai Honasan

Create a song with just 5 words? Follow Kai Honasan’s songwriting process as she takes on our very own songwriting challenge.

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