Office Dramalala S2

Office Dramalala S2
The Pixelz gang is back with more office shenanigans!

The Pixelz, Inc. employees are back at it again! From winning office wars to surviving demanding clients, the gang’s going to get in a whole lot of mayhem!


Office Dramalala S2

Episode 1 : Worst Ways to Resign

The Pixelz Inc. gang is back! Pero ang chismis, may magre-resign. Sino kaya ito?!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 2 : Meet the IT Guy

Oh no! Seems like the office is affected by the mercury retrograde–sira ang mga computers! Buti nalang may bagong IT guy sa tech department!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 3 : Job Interviews

Ang new fabulous HR manager na si Les ay naghahanap ng bago niyang hire! In a sea of applicants, will he be able to find the one?!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 4 : 10 People You Meet in the Office

It’s Kylie’s first day sa Pixelz Inc and Jenica’s assigned to take her around. Will she fit in this group of crazy, colorful characters?

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 5 : Fire Drill Na Naman

The Pixelz gang are participating in this year’s Fire Drill Competition!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 6 : Leave Dilemmas

May free tickets ang buong Pixelz Gang sa upcoming concert ni Whitney Pierce!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 7 : Substitute Boss

Dahil on-leave si Boss Ben, may darating daw na substitute boss!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 8 : Cost Cutting sa Office

Limited WIFI? Limited printing?

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 9 : Client Demands

May bagong client ang Pixelz gang!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 10 : Mga Excuse ‘Pag Late

Naku! Late ang Pixelz crew sa work dahil pumarty sila kagabi sa Valkikie Night Club!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 11 : E-mail Troubles

Oh, no! May na-send si Amanda sa buong Pixelz, Inc. na hindi niya dapat i-send!

Office Dramalala S2

Episode 12 : Balik-alindog Program

Les is on a diet dahil sa upcoming Bora trip niya! Maging yummy kaya siya in time?

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