Phenoms S1
There's more to life than being a sports phenom.

Sports superstars Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez show us how to be phenomenal in and out of sports.


Phenoms S1

Episode 1: What Makes a Phenom

What does it take to become a Phenom? Kiefer and Alyssa show us the hours of preparation, hard work and dedication that make them constantly at the top of their game.

Phenoms S1

Episode 2: #AskThePhenoms

From the sports-related, to the personal, to the random – see how Phenoms Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez answer their fans’ questions from Twitter.

Phenoms S1

Episode 3: Senior Year

Kiefer Ravena discusses his final year in the UAAP and his quest to have a fitting end to his collegiate career.

Phenoms S1

Episode 4: Final Cheer Rally

Alyssa Valdez takes us behind the scenes of her final cheer rally in Ateneo. Check out all the fun and excitement as she gives us a quick peek at the school event leading up to the UAAP season.

Phenoms S1

Episode 1 Bonus Footage

Kiefer and Alyssa talk more about their daily training schedule – from solo workouts to team practices.

Phenoms S1

Episode 2 Bonus Footage

From the sports-related, to the personal, to the random – see how Phenoms Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez answer their fans’ questions from Twitter.

Phenoms S1

Episode 5: Kiefer’s Throwback

Kiefer Ravena shares some never-before-seen photos from his early childhood years to his late teens. Time for some throwback!

Phenoms S1

Episode 6: Alyssa’s Throwback

It’s Alyssa’s turn to pick out her favorite and funniest throwback pictures. Check out the stories behind her most memorable photos—from young academic achiever to kiddie performer.

Phenoms S1

Episode 7: Phenoms vs. Meanoms

The Phenoms have feelings, too! Check out Kiefer and Alyssa’s reactions to some of the funniest and meanest criticisms they get online.

Phenoms S1

Episode 8: Alyssa’s Food Adventure

What does Alyssa Valdez eat when she’s not in training? The short answer: everything. Check out Alyssa’s fun and yummy food adventure in Marikina.

Phenoms S1

Episode 9: Student-Athlete Life

Kiefer Ravena shows us around the school campus to give us a quick look at his life as a student-athlete.

Phenoms S1

Episode 10: Alyssa’s Make-up Challenge

Phenoms S1

Episode 11: How To Be A Superstar Baller

So what does it take to be a basketball superstar? Let Kiefer Ravena show you what to do (or what not to do) in this hilarious parody!

Phenoms S1

Episode 12: Alyssa The Amateur Photographer

Alyssa Valdez explores her creative side and works as a photographer for a day – with the help of her volleyball friends and pro photographer Nicolai Melicor.

Phenoms S1

Episode 13: Kiefer’s Crib

Kiefer gives us a very quick tour of his home and shows us his most favorite spots and hobbies (from eating, sleeping to eating again) while hanging out at the Ravena household.

Phenoms S1

Episode 14: Phenom vs. Phenom

Who is the better Phenom? We put Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez to the test as they go head-to-head in random games!

Phenoms S1

Special Episode: Fun Moments with the Phenoms

Relive the fun of season one with some never-before-seen footage in our special Phenoms episode!

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