Phenoms S2
Kiefly is back with new challenges and kilig surprises.

Alyssa Valdez and Kiefer Ravena show there’s more to know about them outside their respective courts.


Phenoms S2

Season 2 Trailer

Can’t get enough of #Kiefly?! Superstar athletes Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez are back for another season of Phenoms! Packed with more personal stories, more sports action and more #Kiefly kilig moments, season 2 will be the best season yet!

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 1: Life After College with Kiefer and Alyssa

What comes next for our favorite Phenoms? Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez set their sights on life after college!

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 2: Kiefer’s Cozy Condo Party Challenge

We challenge Kiefer Ravena into throwing a cozy condo party with Alyssa and a few friends. See if he can pull it off on his own!

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 3: Alyssa and the Future Phenoms

Watch Alyssa as she shares what she knows to future phenoms in her very own skills camp.

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 4: Alyssa’s Guide to Living on Your Own

Get awesome tips on living independently as Alyssa shares her experience on what it’s like to live away from the family.

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 5: Kiefer’s Summer in Las Vegas

Take a peek at Kiefer’s recent trip to Las Vegas for an intensive basketball training camp with NBA stars Damien Lillard and Gary Payton to help improve his skills even more!

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 6: #AskThePhenoms

From Alyssa’s worst nightmare to Kiefer’s most kilig ligaw move, this episode is packed with fun things you need to know about your idols.

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 7: Kiefer’s Gilas Experience

Nothing can be more fulfilling than representing the country in the sport you love most! Watch Kiefer share his experiences in being part of Gilas Pilipinas and playing alongside the veterans.

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 8: Alyssa’s Fans Day

Get an exclusive sneak peek at what happened behind Alyssa’s grand fans day and birthday celebration with her friends and family.

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Outtakes

Here are some of the fun outtakes from the first episodes of Phenoms Season 2! Make sure to watch ‘til the very end of the video to see more of Kiefer and Alyssa’s upcoming adventures!

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 9: Phenoms in Europe Part 1: Set, Spike, Dunk

Kiefer and Alyssa share their recent Europe trip by kicking off their vacation with the Filipino community.

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 10: Phenoms in Europe Part 2

Watch Kiefer and Alyssa as they roam around London and Paris! See where they’ve been to and witness their super kilig moments together.

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 11: Alyssa vs Amy Larong Kalye

It’s a Pinoy Street Games battle between Alyssa and her bestfriend Amy Ahomiro. Check out their moves as they play beloved Philippine games!

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 12: #DareThePhenoms: Salsa Dance

Watch our Phenoms twist and turn as they challenge themselves to a Salsa dance session with A Dance Company instructor Ana Palma.

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 13: Meet The Ravenas

From questions about the loudest snorer to who gets the best grades, this episode will surely reveal the Ravena siblings’ fun side!

Phenoms S2

Season 2 Episode 14: Phenom vs. Phenom: Dodgeball

Watch Kiefer and Alyssa as they go head to head in a fun and exciting game of dodgeball!

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