Sabagay Life
Life as a 20-something is much sweeter when you have an oddball gang by your side.

Years after leaving the confines of the classroom, Jinno tries to win the heart of his longtime crush and oldest friend, Jackie.


Sabagay Life

Episode #1 : Jackie Is Back

Jackie is back after 6 years so Jinno feels na right timing na para umamin. But Jackie arrives with a “boylet” in tow which stops Jinno from making a move.

Sabagay Life

Episode #2 : Midnight In Pares

Jinno and Jackie go on an adventurous drive around the city during the wee hours of the night. But just like old times, mukhang mapapahamak na naman si Jinno dahil sa free-wheeling spirit ni Jackie.

Sabagay Life

Episode #3 : Who’s Your Daddy?

Gail hires Jinno as a freelance photographer for the baptismal celebration of his ex-girlfriend Sally’s baby. Meanwhile, Jinno and Jackie struggle to determine if their physical intimacy means something more.

Sabagay Life

Episode #4 : What’s Mine Is Mine

The live-in couple, Bryan & Timi, find themselves breaking up. They call on the barkada to mediate as they decide on how to split their mutual belongings.

Sabagay Life

Episode #5 : Reviewing Labels

It’s Din’s final review night before the big exam tomorrow kaso biglang nag brownout. May matutulong ba si Jackie and Jinno or may ibang pwedeng umeksena to rescue Din from this dilemma?

Sabagay Life

Episode #6 : Maybe Next Time

Medyo aloof na si Jinno kay Jackie after finding out her plans to move abroad. Pero si Jackie optimistic sa mga pwedeng mangyari. Ano kaya ang next for this couple?

Sabagay Life

Sabagay Life : Meet The Barkada

What happens when you bring a group of 20-somethin’s together in one show? Find out as you meet your favorite Sabagay Life barkada in their fun behind-the-scene moments.

Sabagay Life

Sabagay Life : Cast Plays Wagi O Sawi

Catch the cast of Sabagay Life as they reveal their take on friendship, love and dating in a funny game of “Wagi o Sawi”.


Sabagay Life

Sabagay Life : Trailer

Sabagay Life tells the story of a group of friends who have been together since college.

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